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Da General, also known as Mandrell Davis, was born on Chicago’s Southside Englewood neighborhood and became interested in rap music at a young age, writing his first rap at the age of ten. One of Da General’s influences is D.A. SMART. During his youth it was unbeknownst to the two that they shared a brotherly bond that goes beyond music. Other influences are Twista, Spice One, NWA, Crucial Conflict, Scarface, KRS One, Rakim, Tupac, Notorious Big, Gang Starr and many more. 


Da General has performed at many open mics and opened for many artists, independent and major - such as Rick Ross, Twista, Mc Eight, Eightball and MJG, Scarface, UGK and Bennie Seigal. He has performed at locations such as Mr. Ricky’s, The Cotton Club, The 50 Yard Line, Rodneys, Mr. G’s, The Regal Theater, The Amphitheater, Backstage On Broadway, The Loft, Sub T and many more.


Da General runs a showcase out in Gary, Indiana called Show Up And Show Out which is a platform he created for local talent to showcase their talent and gain knowledge on how to become an independent artist. In 2017 he dropped his first single titled “What If" followed by “Checklist” and “It’s My Birthday “.


Da General continues to become the best artist that he can be and also focus his efforts on being the President of Terror Records Inc., which is rapidly gaining momentum in the Midwest and soon to be all over the world. Keep a close eye out as Da General doesn’t plan on stopping as he makes his mark on the industry as an artist, and most importantly, as an up and coming Legend.